I guess what I'm asking is this..I'm on 75 mg of methadone and have been on the 75mg for about a week. I have been on methadone for 5 weeks now, with my dose going up about 5 mg a week ..i was also on suboxone for about a month before starting the methadone . I have to go out of town from Friday morning and can make it back by Sunday morning so ill be missing one dose. I was told since i wasn't on a steady dose for 30 days yet that i cant get a guest dose in the state I'm gonna be in... so..
I really need to know just how sick i will be after missing that single dose and is there anything i can take to keep the with drawl from making me sick..i know I'm trying to quit pills but i have to make this trip and i do have access to lorazapam and perc 10-325's what should i do to get through that day if i even need to take any thing ... will i get sick and how bad will it be all I'll be doing is sitting and driving so ill b able to make sure i don't do anything to push my dose out too fast. someone please help me with this!!!