I am on effexor xr and vyvanse. I use to be on just the vyvanse but it was causing me more anxiety and mood changes. The effexor seems to be working well. I want to know if there is anyone on this combination of drugs. If so please tell me how it worked for you. I think I might have had bipolar 2 and ADD inattentive. I know I have been depressed almost all my life. I just want to succeed in life and try to go to school. I hope these medications work. Could you give me some more information about this? Im afraid that I will also become dependant on both of these drugs since they are working. Iv been on the effexor for one week and can tell a good difference. Iv been on the vyvanse for 2 months at 50 mgs. I think i need to increase my dose with the vyvance because it dosnt seem to last as long as it use to. I hate when the vyvanse wears off because Im depressed and not motivated. Is the effexor the same way? Iv been looking for something to work for years for my ADD inattentive and depression with anxiety. Could you give me some more information about both of these conditions. Like whats the best combination of medications for this?