i've had knots in my mostly right side of my neck for approx. 2-3 years ago. it is only getting worse. my pm dr. says its muscle spasms.i'm no dr. but doest a muscle spasm come and go. not just stay. also i have constant popping, grinding, pain which radiates down my right shoulder and arm. the zanaflex isn't touching it.i had a discecomy in 1989 between c6 c7 w/o any problems. but this is getting so bad i can hardly stand it. my nurse to me to stay on the zanaflex longer, give it a chance to work. it she hurt like i do, she would probably be in the e.r..also, i know im taking too many to the zanaflex just to try to get any relief, i can't even sleep at night. it scares me that i am taking too many of these, but i don't know what else to do. someone, please help.