Whatever is the answer I won't be stopping Lyrica soon. It's been "7" yrs. with neuropathic pain and I am not staying awake after my daily Morpine wears of untill the morning when my next dose is due. I CA sleep in a little and that has not happened in "7" years. I tried so many pils/potions/oils/... Etc. over the years and nothing worked. Before, after awhile I just gave up and lived with the pain as I thought it was my lot, meaning that it was here to stay unless & untill something new came along. There was a topical oil that helped somewhat but it was too "hit & miss" to justify the cost at $30.00 for a five dram bottle. It comes to my province from the supplier in Halifax NS. It's called NOR? something and your Pharm. may know. Mine did not and they ordered it for me. It has a strong odour of eyucaliptis. Some find that comphoting and I did not care for it because the scent transfer to bedding/clothes etc. Sorry I forgot the trade name but it definately worth a try. It is registered on our gov't. drug formulary and, oh yeah. It is OTC behind the counter at the pharmacy. As for the cost of Lyrica until I found some money to help out I was bying 2-5 days on the script. Not sure if your Pharmasist would do that but mine is a friend. Try the oil. Other pain-people have said it is a miracle? Pain is a pain.