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My pain longer excepts Medicaid now I have to buy my Meds. How much r 180/10.5 Loratabs be?

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DzooBaby 19 Oct 2011

Leslie, the cost of medications differs from pharmacy to pharmacy, area to area, and also depends on quantity ordered. The best thing for you to do is to call around to the pharmacies in your area and ask for a quote. Tell them the medication, strength and quantity and they will give you a price, that way you can compare who offers the cheapest price. I've done this many times when I have had to pay cash for medicines. I have never had trouble with a pharmacy not giving a price over the phone. The price can even differ from time to time at the same pharmacy depending on the generic they use and the price that they get from their vendor so you may need to price check each month but doing it by phone saves a lot of time and effort. Once you find the lowest price in the area you can take them in to be filled. Sometimes, some pharmacies will match prices too so it never hurts to ask.

Inactive 19 Oct 2011

Hi lesley, Just a quick question. Was your pain doctor dispensing your meds from his office? Or sense your doctor no longer excepts medicare does that mean the pharmacy won't either? thanks Dave

vtech10 20 Oct 2011

Under the umbrella of medicaid you still have partcipating Doctor's and facilities. You must find out who they are and subscribe to them. Check your medicaid card or call the insurance agent who is the provider of the card that you are a member of and ask them to give you a list of pain medication doctors and pharmacies that they recommend that is under your plan description... you may not have to pay afterall. vtech10 free discount card

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