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My pain dr,is going to give me blocks in my neck anyone had them?

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kittycatgirl2 8 Jan 2012

yeah ive had them they are painful and I didnt have very much success with them personally. Good Luck

Deblisa19 9 Jan 2012

I have had nerve blocks done and nerves actually severed in my neck for four herniated discs in my neck which are impinging my spinal cord and causing severe pain and numbness in my arm and hand. It is a very painful procedure as you have to be awake and the Dr only gives you a local anesthetic. All I can say is choose your Neurologist wisely. Or pain specialist. Make sure they have A lot of experience in this field as it can be dangerous. My Dr did it under fluoroscopy where they have a small telescope instrument that guides them to where your injuries are and to make sure they don't get too close to your spinal cord. I was in severe pain during and after thus procedure and it did not work unfortunately for me. But that is not to say it will not work for You! I can say that my Dr did say if I did get some relief from this procedure that nerves grow back so it is only a temporary fix. free discount card

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