she said it would help with the fibro and with my m. headachs and with depression !which if it does this will be a wonder drug!i know what they put me on since they won't give soma's no more doesn't help my fibro!

and as many of you on this site i have enough pain to deal with !any relief is welcome!i go the 4th of april to my pm and i want to talk with him!but i am a little weary to!i'm not afraid it's just that sometimes they act like you are wasting their time !

but i need to tell him that sometimes i don't have to take my break through pain meds but at other times i take it every four hours which it says every eight !but i know i can take it every foour cause thats what it used to be !also they cut me down to 90 pills a month !which ,i have a patch and it does great but i still have those days when nothing helps!not even the fentanyl citrate !!! which i can use twice a day!

i am so tired of this merry go round with pain!i hurt in my back and my stomach all the tiime and then add fibro pain and i'm miserable !and if you don't suffer from chronic pain you really don't under stand it !!not even our pm's !

and they goverment is causing a lot of crap to happen with our meds!don't they know they are always gonna be those who abuse our pain meds for the enjoyment!but please don't punish us because of them!i read what you are saying about them changing oxy's!i never took the old ones so i'm out in left field with this problem!but i do understand it!

well i started out asking a question then ended up sprouting off!

thanks & God bless