... another pain specialist,cause I already saw one. My family dr has tried to get me into some..one else. They think I am shopping! I have fusedC5/6 spondylosis, bone spurs, degenerat5ive disk disease and a compressed thoracic vertabre. The PM doc suggested a cortisone shot before even aphysical exam, the looked my and my husband in the eye and said it would last 6-8 weeks, nothing about after that, he won't do pain meds. All I want is a second opinion!! Also when I picked up my transcript. He lied about how many meds I take a day, I told him 5, he repeatedly said 8. He lied about several other things as well. What are my rights in this ? Please help, do you think I have an ethics case? How can I convince a doctor I just want a second opinion which is my right!! Thanks By the way I take tramadol 50 & topamax, melaxin (big roller right lol)