Hi im a 15 year old teen. Unlike other teens i tend to enjoy my teenage life. Besides that. My mother is a drug addict. I tend to not bother but its hurting me. at times when she doesnt have any drugs , she gets grumpy and REALLy angry that she spills all her tension on me and i become the blame. she hurts me until i got bruises all over my body and she blames my boyfriend.Sometimes she just sleeps and eats.Which i dont really mind. Then once she has the drugs. She will scream at me . she will not eat she will just do her job. But when she has no job left to do. she comes to me and screams at me. Just a few hours ago she wanted to kill me with a friggin samurai sword! i really need help and im not making up stories. I wish i could tell my dad but she wouldnt want to admit.. And she has her ways to make it look like im lying. I am jealous to see other teens have a healthy yet NORMAL mother. I cannot stand the pain and pressure anymore. My tears wont help. Please tell me help me!