My mother is 78. She has Parkinson's disease and on Medapor: 3 tablets a day. She takes Remeron 30mg once a day before bed (for a year now). She is depressed and does not move or walk on her own. She is on a wheel chair and needs continuous assistance.She is in bed all day. She has episodes of feeling cold 2-3 times a day although her body temperature remains normal. She starts crying and complains from cold.Some times she sweats, but remains complaining of cold. She suffers from this for an hour or two, sometimes for longer. Then she becomes fine.Besides these two medications, she takes Calcium and vitamin tablets + an aspirin at night as she has higher cholesterol level.
My mom has osteoporosis and had a thigh fracture following a fall and had an operation 3 years ago.She has no teeth and does not like her dentures and never uses them. Most of her cold episodes start about half an hour after food.
Any how this started 2 years ago. I tried giving her ginger and Cinnamon drinks to make her fell worm but no improvement. Doctors here are not able to find the cause of this cold. I wish you can help me know and what to do.
Thank you so much.