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My mother just find out she has MRSA is it contagious?

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Rajive Goel 3 Aug 2010

Brief on MRSA for your information, hope this helps? Be well & safe!

There are two major ways people become infected with MRSA. The first is physical contact with someone who is either infected or is a carrier (people who are not infected but are colonized with the bacteria on their body) of MRSA. The second way is for people to physically contact MRSA on any objects such as door handles, floors, sinks, or towels that have been touched by an MRSA-infected person or carrier. Normal skin tissue in people usually does not allow MRSA infection to develop; however, if there are cuts, abrasions, or other skin flaws such as psoriasis (a chronic skin disease with dry patches, redness, and scaly skin), MRSA may proliferate. Many otherwise healthy individuals, especially children and young adults, do not notice small skin imperfections or scrapes and may be lax in taking precautions about skin contacts.

People with higher risk of MRSA infection are those with obvious skin breaks (for example, patients with surgical or traumatic wounds or hospital patients with intravenous lines, burns, or skin ulcers) and people with depressed immune systems (infants, the elderly, or HIV-infected individuals) or those with chronic diseases (diabetes or cancer). People with pneumonia (lung infection) due to MRSA can transmit MRSA by airborne droplets. Health-care workers as a group are repeatedly exposed to MRSA-positive patients and can have a high rate of infection if precautions are not taken.

midwestma 3 Aug 2010

Superb answer! I just needed to add that all people also are carriers of mrsa via the nasal area. I have had many bouts of mrsa, the first one happened after being in the hospital. They give you a bactrim cream to rub into each nare with a q-tip as the research has shown that the bacteria is carried through the nasal area of infected persons. It is so contagious that extreme measures must be taken to insure no further infection is spread from one person to another. free discount card

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