To be more specific, my mother had used this drug a few months ago for Alzheimers Dementia but when she was admitted to the hospital for another ailment, her GP stopped the Aricept indicating that it was slowing her heart rate. We just visited her neurologist, who I made aware of the GP's action, who told me to reintroduce the Aricept as she, the doctor, has had no adverse experience with her patients using Aricept, even the new 23mg dose, and that probably my mother's heart rate problem was due to the illness that she had, Bronchial Pneumonia. Now specifically, what pulse rate am I to be looking for? Since my mother has COPD, I have an Oximeter that registers the pulse, and I have noticed fluctuations like 63, then just now 71. I taking her to the doctor tomorrow for a follow-up but this new heart-rate side effect has me confused as to what to expect. Advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.