specific, but she forgot she traveled to China, she forgets who visited 4 days ago - nothing regular. She remembers more than most people but is very scared about forgetting recent things. She had a leg amputated and they gave her dilaudid and strong meds which of course she had to have and she says she can't remember anything for that 2 years period when her leg started hurting clear thru to a year after the surgery. She had never had pain meds before. She takes 1 norco maybe 4 times a week at night, plus lisinopril, predisone (5mg) and cozar. Will her memory get worse? I am helping to care for her but she is still very able, does her own cooking and lives with her daughter (who lays in bed because she's on that fentanyl patch after a knee surgery!! In order to be an effective care giver I just wondered if any of you have ever had any experience with the elderly so I'd know what to expect as far as her memory. Thanks.