days before she said pain was gone and we stopped it. I requested 100mg prescription so she could lower dosage if she needed it again. since she has been taking it, she has slept round the clock and also experienced hand tremors or jerking motion (kept dropping drinks). Pain went away quickly with the medicine and she had about 2days with no medication. Yesterday and today she had some pain so i gave her 3 100-mg for the 2 days. she is extremely lethargic, refuses to get out of bed other than for meals. she's confused about time of day and in general. My mother-in-law has all her faculties, very bright and very with-it. However, she does have a history of reacting strongly to drugs, so i wish I had been more vigilant to begin with. my question - should we take her to hospital for testing - will iv help to flush out medicine? She was diagnosed with shingles last thursday and it's been 1 week. Is there some way we can speed the removal of this drug from her system? Is there something else we might use for pain? It's hard to tell but i think that the pain is not as severe as it was when she first was diagnosed. She had been unable to sleep at that time but now that's all she does. I don't think she'd be sleeping if the pain were intolerable so i'm thinking I should not give her any more of this drug and rely on Tylenol or something of that nature.