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My mother had knee pain from last three years. Please suggest me medicine for her?

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LaurieShay 13 May 2011

Hey Abbasi,

There are numerous pain medications that may help your mom. She really needs to have the pain evaluated by an orthopaedist and would have to have a doctor's prescription for any of the following type medicines anyway. She could try a non steroidal anti inflammatory or an opiate based pain reliever. If she is developing a condition where her cartilage is disintegrating or she has torn ligaments/tendons then she really needs to have this evaluated though not just take pain meds for the problem.

Best wishes,


ace_rick 13 May 2011

Dear Abbasi,
as you probably know,you SHOULD NOT give your mom any meds whatsoever,untill she sees a doctor.They will do her an all over check up,her blood preasure... etc Then,when is given meds by her doctors which do not and work for her,you can help her by asking and searching for meds and information from members in this well-trusted medical site.You will be able to find and abtain good benefits from most of this site's members,for many of them are experts and many have been through similar conditions that seekers may find suitable and perfect aid;not only that,the management of the this community is vigilant and allows only proper feedback.Anyway,my mom had severe knee pain,and after long medicines intake,finally some kind of injection into her knees did give her great wishes for your mom. P.S.,elaborate your questions will get you more results. free discount card

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