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My mom went 2 a get a 100mg shot of demerol n she died 10 min later? did the demeral do it?

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Inactive 8 Aug 2010

shannon, I am so very sorry for your loss. Did this happen recently? If so, perhaps you could get an autopsy done, to determine if Demerol was the cause of your Mother's death.
I truly am sorry that this happened.
Take care,

shannon04 9 Aug 2010

yes it happened friday mornig... my daddy does't want her to be cut on and she was always afraid to go under the knife... how would they tell anyways by autopsy if it was the demeral... and it wasnt even the doc that gave it to her it was an rn and this doctor knew she shouldnt have had it bt thats what she wanted

Inactive 9 Aug 2010

Dear Shannon, Perhaps your Dad should contact a lawyer regarding your Mother's death. This sounds like medical malpractice to me.
Hope you and your family are doing well.
Again, so sorry for your loss.

Inactive 9 Aug 2010

Shannon04 there are toxic levels in your body you need to contact the police to get a report on the toxicology. It should help you understand a little of whats goin on and maybe the police could help you with a solution as to what happened what did they say the cause was?

lindagail1965 9 Aug 2010

i am sorry for your loss as well as everybody else is ... but do they have to cut on a person to do a toxology ... an how much demerol did they give your mama... are yaw gonna go with her wishes to not do an autopsy... its you mama do you think she would wont you to know if she died under unusual circumstances... my heart goes out to you

shannon04 10 Aug 2010

they gave her 100mg of demeral and she has never had it before my daddy said and they gave her the shot and minutes later she died. they have already embalmed and we are trying to talk daddy into it but tomorrow is visitation

Inactive 8 Aug 2010

I concur with sweetlemon however i think it may have been the demerol my condoleces for your lost. free discount card

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