I need help as soon as possible. My mom has had back pain for a long time and gets a prescription for pain meds (not sure which one she has been hiding it from me.) I have seen a slow but sure decline in my moms every day life. She has embarrassed me in front of my boyfriends family (by falling off chairs, nodding off, ect), she has lost two jobs, she thinks everyone is out to get her so has distanced herself from family members, falls asleep after half a drink in front of my whole family, and my dad is on the verge of divorcing her after 30 years. The list could go on and on. I finally freaked out after she was having a mood swing and made a family member of mine cry and she recently opened up to me (while she was on the pain pills) that she is addicted and needs help. She drinks all the time while she is taking the pain pills which I know is really bad for her liver. She will have one drink and I can just see it in her eyes, and then she gets belligerent and usually nods off. When she opened up to me she told me not tell anyone (my dad, sister, family members) but I feel so lost and alone about it and I need their help but I don't want to ruin the trust my mom has for me. I called her the next day after she opened up to me and she acted like nothing had happened. I told her that we need to go see the doctor the following Monday and she said "oh no I am just fine." I need to do something and quick, because I am afraid she is going to die. Should I call the pharmacy where she gets her pain meds and tell the pharmacist to not allow her to get her pills anymore? Is that even possible? Or should I call the doctor? Ugh I never thought I would find myself in this situation. My mother is a beautiful, smart, funny, intelligent person and it breaks my heart to see her going through such a horrible thing. I need help from someone who can tell me what steps I need to take. Thank you.