I had a routine cracked tooth that needed a crown. Had it done before. Went to a new dentist. Went in had a temp put on and waited for my crown. Temp tooth came off 5 days prior to the crown being placed. Dentist out of town told to stick it on with toothpaste. OUCH. Go into have crown placed and say "Ummmm this really hurts I think it is infected." Dentist, "No its not" Me " Are you sure?" Had to numb me with 5 shots just to put it on.

At 1 am i wake up and my face is swollen to the point my eye is almost shut. Go to the ER, cause I know that I need antibiotic. They tell me its absessed and need it drained. Have to call another dentist cause it is now Fri. and my dentist isn't open. Go in they cut me open and drain. Relief instant. To make a long story short, The original dentist pops the crown off has me contiunue antibiotics except now the infection is in my sinus cavity so I am blowing infection out. (sorry to be gross.) this goes on for 2 weeks. finish the antibiotic and 2 days later my tooth flairs up again. I tell him to pull it I don't care. He puts me on an antibiotic and makes me wait six days to pull it. Not sure why but he did.

Now for 2 months I have been battling this sinus infection from the tooth. 3 weeks ago I wake up on a Sunday morning and my face is swollen worse than ever. My husband rusheds me to the ER. The do a Cat Scan with dye. I am immediatly told that I have an emergency appt with a Ear Nose and Throat Dr. the folllowing morning. I went in and in 15 min my life was turned upside down. This Dr. looked at the CT scan and said that my bones in my face were gone from the severe infection and that they were going to have to go in and take out ribs or a thigh bone to reconstruct my face. This Dr had me sceduled for Emergency surgery because the infection was up into the orbit of my eye and he was in fear of it going into the frontal bone and into my brain which could kill me.

I was in shock. This was Monday and I was having surgery on Fri. in the meantime he told me to get a hold of a maxio facial surgeon and get them on board cause that would be next surgery. Oh and the surgery he was doing on Fri. was gonna have to be done multiple times. I am glad I made the appt with the other surgeon, cause he was pissed off at this Dr. for telling me all of this. My bones are fine. I do have a horrific sinus infection from this. I am now traveling an hour and half to big city to a wonderful Dr. I am going to have surgery but its a routine thing and its to make me feel better. I have never stopped to question a Dr. in my life. I thought they were "god" they are specialists they train for years. Plus I didn't have time to get a second opinion I was going to die. My other dr had to put me on Klonopine cause I was about to have a nervous break down. I just wanted to share my horror story with you all. I am 37 years old in good health, never had a sinus infection in my life. But I am angry that I had to "Dr" mess up my life.