hey family, so as for my taper, im at 130 mgs, taking in 4 doses, the thing thats the best is, i have not gone over and taken the extra 32.5 every other day or day like i was. so woot woot, im finally getting somewhere, my body still has very few body aches, so in a day or two im gonna cut to 30mg per dose 4x a day untill my body can deal with it with little to no withdrawls. also ive started the hcg diet 2 days ago, the drops. i know a few whos had great success losing 28-30 pounds in about 4-5 weeks. its a very low calorie diet cutting out sugars, starches completely for 21 days. and a weighed out meal 3 x a day and 2 snacks. im excited and cant wait, ill keep you all posted. and as for my ptsd, anxiety/panic and depression. ive gotten alot better and feel great. thanks to my family here at dc, im getting it thru, ttyl, leanne