Hello, my dear Friends, My insurance promiced that they would pay for a care center after my 4 day hospital stay, of course, they are already trying to get out of it. My replaced knee in on the same side as my damaged pelvic nerves. Participating it the PT excerizes, has terribly exacerbated my damaged nerves. I have not had a flare up like this in years. I reallly need to participate in this specialized orthopedic care facility but Great-west/Signa thinks them have grounds to deny something they PROMISED me a only few weeks ago! Also, any ideas On fighting the evil empire Called insurances claims ineligibility, please write to me personally as well.

dear friends, I would also humble like to request a favor from you--- I need a prayer request. My mother taught my to make Christ my first ressorce and not my last resort. Anyway, I believe in prayer, in any form and to any source. I believe it can help and I believe YOU can help. I humbly ask that you will add me to your prayers tonight and tomorrow. I am still in the hospital and my insurance is trying to deny me services that they promised me I would get, but they are already reneging on their deal. Also, i am in horrible pain due to the knee replacement PT/damaged nerve crossover. I am hoping some of you might add my name to yours prayers and/or meditations. My real name is Holly Hoit. May God Bless you and keep you. My God Bless and keep you. Harmony