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My ? is,im in severe pain with herniated discs and ive been in severe pain,but drs wont pres, meds?

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Inactive 30 Jan 2011

Yeah we are seeing alot of people saying that they are having a really hard time getting rx pain meds. You might want to get some names of doctors in your area who are either pain management doctors of orthopedics. If you agree to let them verify by tests that you need the rx pain meds, and also do anything else they suggest, like physical therapy, it will make it more conducive for them to prescribe them to you. The doctors are now under pressure not to hand out too many rx's for pain meds. If you are cooperative with the pain management doctors, they are usually a given more leeway with rx pain meds that GP's or doc in the boxes. Hope you get some relief soon.

christineATU 30 Jan 2011

Hi there, Patti! Hope you are doing ok? I haven't seen much of you lately. Hope all is well. What's up with these doctors now a days? It used to be you could visit the old family doctor who would prescribe everything from pain meds to anti D's to well, you name it.

Dylanfan 30 Jan 2011

I know what you are talking about. I've had 4 herniated discs & Dr's were willing to give me Vicodin, but it made me sick. When I moved to a larger city, I was in for some strange rules & practices. I had to sign a pain management agreement, & be tested every three months to make sure I was not taking any illegal drugs. I was sent to a pain specialist & he did injections into my back where the pain was & they did not help one bit. He would suggest a medication, & then start in with his speach about getting addicted to pain medication! Meth is such a big problem everywhere, many doctors treat you as if you are an addict. I finally got o see a neurologist, & he had me get an MRI. I was really surprised when he said I had Spinal Stenosis & was born with it. He was surprised I could even walk. I had done some serious damage to my back, due to not knowing I had a serious problem.

christineATU 30 Jan 2011

Hi ouch, what were the reasons they refused to give you meds? Did they recommend other treatments first? I hate to ask, but did you have a prior issue with getting controlled meds and the doc's may have thought you were only looking for meds? The main thing is to go along with their treatment plan to show them you're cooperative and are NOT in this for meds only. You are in this to improve (not just cover up) the back condition. As you know, the approach to this painful condition is multi-faceted. PT, injections, electronic stimulation, and meds. There's many treatments available for herniated discs. And when someone sticks it out with the recommendations, they can heal (improve) and feel much better! Keep an open mind and keep on asking questions!!

best wishes,

amandastenosis 6 Oct 2011

Wow, I am scared today because I have stenosis and 5 herniated discs, I have to see the orthopedic surgeon for the first time and I am really scared. I hear the shots help some but for some make the pain worse. My MRI and CT were bad enough my doctor did give me strong pain medications and I am not suffering. However, I did re-injure it again on the pain meds thinking I was okay and ended up in bed again. I will have to make some decisions today with this new doctor. I am starting Physical Therapy and I think they want to do shots... people must realize how scary this is. Anyway. I have to go because it is a two hour car ride to the doctor... very painful. I will have questions when I get back from him I am sure. I hope the supportive friends here will help me make the best decision, the rest of my life depends on making the right ones! I agree you need the MRI for sure, for them to see what is wrong. I am trying to keep an open mind. thank you, everyone! Be "back"... Amanda

jeffW 30 Sep 2011

U need to see a pain management doctor and take all records and MRI's that u have with u. I myself have 2 herniated discs and a slipped one and both orthopedists have referred me to pain clinics so looks like that the only option. Pain clinic Dr's are legally the only ones allowed to write scripts for large quantities of narcotic pain pills

amandastenosis 6 Oct 2011

Thank you. I hope I can avoid surgery for several reasons one being that portal hypertension has caused liver damage which makes anesthesia very dangerous for me. I need to find a pain clinic or management besides my family doctor to be able to prescribe what I need while I try Physical Therapy and all the other options before surgery. Plus I have lumbar stenosis and thoracic stenosis and 5 herniated discs... MRI showed all this! Now I know why the pain is so debilitating. Wish me luck in jumping through all the hoops in hope of relief and also getting pain relief as needed. I have fears of paralysis too. thank you... if anyone knows good pain management clinic or doctors in Washington State please let me know. I think this is going to continue and a bunch of surgeries is too much to endure also.
Thanks for the information... Amanda

Inactive 30 Sep 2011

I must concur with JeffW. The new FDA rules are not allowing people to seek drugs from their family practioners because people are selling them for extra cash supposedly & are ending up on the streets. You must sign a contract that you will not receive pain meds from any other source than your pain management doctor(even in an emergency)or they can drop you like a hot potatoe. You will also have random urine tests to see if you are taking your meds or selling them for extra cash. This is the FDA's way of getting drugs off the streets! Isn't that just too funny! Kind of like taking away our guns if you ask me the only thing they are doing is making it harder for chrontic pain patients to get proper care, Good luck to you. I see your post is quite old. I hope you have gotten some help by now... free discount card

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