After 3 years without health insurance after a divorce, I got married and got insurance and I have been getting all of my check ups, mamograms, etc. I also have a bulging disk and alot of lower back, pelvic, hip pain that I have been suffering with for years and I am now seeking treatment with different doctors for it. I saw my ob/gyn who did a pelvic exam and an ultrasound and gave me pain meds because he thought it was a pinched nerve. Then I saw a GP who refilled my anti-depressants and xanax and referred me to a pain specialist. I then when to the pain specialist and got cortisone shots in my lower back which only worked for a few weeks but then I started my period after each set of shots in my pelvis and would bleed for over 30 days. I had more check ups and got referred to a doctor who specializes in women's hormonal issues and I have had her do blood and saliva test and thyroid tests on me. Now I am in physical therapy and it is helping but I am still in alot of pain. I take hydrocodone 5/500 a couple a day but I have gotten a tolerance to them. I finally went to a psychiatrist to get all of my meds synchronized and checked to make sure none of them were interacting with each other and found that my anti depressants weren't working and he prescribed me different ones. When I got the scripts I needed to get groceries so I used a different pharmacy. Now my doctor told me that all of my medical providers are receiving letters with all of my doctors and prescriptions and calling them into question. I have GAD, depression, and Organic Pain Syndrome which are all valid medical explanations for my meds, along with my bulging disc. I wonder if it is legal for the health insurance company to send all of this information to all of my doctors. Also the letter insinuates that I am doctor shopping and drug seeking. I am afraid of going back to the doctor when I need help, and afraid my insuance company is going to drop me. I am trying to get my problem diagnosed and treated, I don't want to be on pain meds but I don't want to be afraid to ask for them when I need them. Has this happened to anyone else?