I have has bc&bs for almost ten yrs. i have been on the generic version of the actiq for oveer 5yrs now. it has given me my life back. i received a letter from ins.@the end of june stating they will no longer cover actiq or fentora for any patients without cancer. they have always coverd it and now since july1st i cant gget it. my dr has appealed but just more denials. my quality of life is diminishing and im scared of what comes next. im due for my next refill but instead of costing my $10 co-pay i would have to pay over $8000.00 a month for my rx. needless to say, thats crazy and is not even a possibility that i can afford it. please if anyone knows of insurance companies that will pay for my med for non-cancer patients, please let me know a.s.a.p. anyone dealing with chronic debilitating pain im sure can understand-who are they to say my pain is not as bad if not worse than any other form of disease including cancer. please help! I cannot live in this pain anymore. thank you for listening to my troubles