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My husbands doctor gave diazepam to him to help with his addition to vicidon! does this really help?

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Inactive 16 Nov 2011

Hello brockland. I don't know why your husband is being prescribed both. The vicidon will certainly help his pain issues, what they might be. The diazepam, will in combination with vicidon, really sedate him. And heavily. If its given to make him comfortable, I can understand the two being prescribed. If his doctor is giving him this combination, then, I'd have to go with his know how. He knows your husbands medical problem. The very best to you,

pup6767 16 Nov 2011

Dear Brockland... Diazepam and Vicodin r 2 completely different drugs. Diazepam is a benzodiazepine prescribed for anxiety and sometimes for sleep. Vicodin is an opiate which is prescribed for pain. If your husband is having anxiety and pain or possibly insomnia from the Vicodin of from other reasons, then I can understand the two being prescribed together. There is really no problem with him taking both drugs. They will, although, when taken together cause more drowsiness possibly. Just monitor how he is doing and don't let him drive or do anything that could b hazardous to his health or to someone else's.
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