... something was going on cause we had money missing from our bank account, but everytime i confronted him about it he always had an excuse and i couldn't prove what i knew was going on. This isn't the first time its like the 3rd. I just don't know what to do, His family tells me to stick with it and help him get through this, hes a good man, which i do belive he is a good man, but not at this time the drug has taken over his life that is all he cares about is getting his next fix. My friends tell me to leave him he has to hit rock bottom before he will really get help. He tells me hes gonna stop and get help, but i don't believe him, I have heard all this before and the trust is broken even more now than before. We have 4 kids together 2 are his and 2 are mine. 2 are 10 and 2 are 7, i don't want to ruin their x-mas when they don't know or understand what is going on, yet i dont know what to do i dont think i am emotionaly strong enough to go through the withdrawl process yet again and to be hurt and lied to when i believe it will happen again in the future. I suggested treatment and such to him but he refuses because he is the bread winner of the family (i am a stay at home mom) and he says he can do it on his own, which i know he cant i heard that before and it has just gotton worse. Please help and give me some advice!!!