He said he was happy he could be honest with me about it, but now I feel like I'm looking over my shoulder, wondering if he is always telling me the truth? I watch him lie to mom and everyone. He is in his last years of RN schooling and I'm worried about drugs there and his state of mind around patients. I confront him and tell him its killing me, the family and home how he is being. He doesnt care about the last dollars for gas for the car, if our child is home, nothing seems to matter. I've left come back, I've gone to group meetings, went to church meetings, prayed. Tried to learn everything about it. Told him how much it scares me, and the lies to cover for more. It makes me feel the crack is number 1 and everything is second. When I met him he told me he liked pot, I had to learn that, now its crack and no pot.I dont understand the drug world. He has taken me with him to get it from a house, he left me in the car and was gone to long and I went to the door, mad and told him to come on, he was more mad at me, cuz he said I was going to get us killed. I dont care about the drugs, I care about him. Everyone keeps saying to leave him for good, I do love him with my whole heart for no reason, just because, but I dont know what else to do, please help??? If I walk away and dont say nothing to prevent patients or him mom from getting hurt or just pretend I dont know??? Thanks and God Bless!