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My husband takes trileptal,and paxil. Does he need both? can he stop paxil?

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Rajive Goel 26 Nov 2010

Since both meds are prescription meds, would have been prescribed by the doc., it would be recommended to seek his or her advice before your husband stops to take Paxil.

Inactive 26 Nov 2010

Both medications may be necessary, but, if he feels worse with the paxil, he should let the doctor know immediately. When a person is depressed, they are often given an anti depressant and sometimes a medication that was originally used to treat something else, but had a positive reaction for something totally different. The trileptal is an anti seizure med, but I have seen some of those used to augment an anti depressant in these posts. Have either medication been added recently, was it noticeable to you whether he seemed better on it, or without it. How does you husband say he feels on both, is it better or worse. He should talk to the doctor who prescribed them and if it is necessary to come off the paxil, ask for instructions on how to step down the dose until he is off.

concordca. 26 Nov 2010

He said, it makes his hands shaky.

Inactive 26 Nov 2010

He needs to talk to the doctor and let the doctor know, especially if his hands shake and it really isn't doing anything, now if it is helping, he may need a dose adjustment.

lindamine 30 Nov 2010

I am wondering what makes you ask this question and what his condition is. The doctor has put him on these for a reason... you should not make this decission without including him (Dr.)... Trileptal is a mood stabilizer--keeps us from both mania and depression if you are bipolar or it is an anti seizure med... in either case--do not remove this from use without Dr. consent, as you must taper down from it... dangerous not to.
the paxil is for depression... which bipolar people should only take on a temporary basis, I have been told... as it could throw a bipolar into mania.

Again, I do not know your husband's diagnosis, so hard to answer. free discount card

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