... pain... is very careful but since the change from oc to op... his pain seems to be worsening... he has celiac sprue which can be deadly if you get wheat, rye, oats or barley or anything derived from these grains... also modified food starch if it doesn't state which starch... he is allowed potato , tapioca, corn starches but NO wheat,rye ,oats or barley ..is there a chance the fillers are not gluten free especially since they are coating the op with a new product??? It could be deadly for him... he has had 5 back surgeries & had a medtronic implant on his spine with a tube going to a box on his side... all implanted... battery was good for 5 yrs., controlled by a magnet or special hand held computer he could control the rate of pulses per sec & etc... but had it ten years & had it removed because the battery had to be replaced @5 yrs... and his neurosurgeon moved out of state... he has copd, emphysema..on oxygen 24/7... trtmts @ 6 times a day on nebulizer... is in hospital now... they give him 4 20mg every 8 hrs & he swears they do not last as long as 1 80 mg... is this possible... he has a small stomach hernia which is causing pain all around his front & back but is not a candidate for surgery because he also now has blood clots in his lung & leg... he is 69 but has been disabled from a fall for 27 yrs... but the oxycotins did help him to at least be mobile but mostly in bed almost 24 /7... can go to bathroom which is real close..but i am wondering if this could have made his pain worse and causes so much anxiety which affects his breathing... i'm afraid he isn't going to last very long at this time... how can the drug companys change & not give you the necessary info or warning that maybe could help people like my husband who it seems to be really worsening his condition... so worried... ty for any info anyone can give me