my husband of 2 years is addicted to vicodin.he denies he still takes them,but i know he does. should i leave him? i feel like it jsut keeps gettign worse and worse. now, there is money missing and he calls and texts numbers all day long while im at work, we have a 4 year old daughter and im jsut afradi that if i leave, it will really affect her negatively. we have fought about drugs since we have met. one week after i foudn out i was pregnant, i foudn it he does coke every once in a while, he promised he would never do it again, but he still did it (that i know of) about 5 times after that. now, i am almost positive he is completely addicted to painkillers. i alrady called the doctor so that he would stop prescriing them to him. but, now, i think he is buying them from his "friends". he also has a brother and sister who are addicted to and i feel like as long as he has those 2 "on his side" he will never stop. i am always upset and crying and finding out how he lies, i feel like the only thing i can do is to leave him. im afraid my daughter will grow up thi nking drugs are normal, im afraid that he will just get worst and do worst drugs. i just cant believe the that my best friend, my husband is someone i hardly even know anymore. has anyone out there left there husband bc of a drug problem and regretted it? what if when we do divorce, when its his weekend to have our daughter, im so afraid that he will be all messed up around her and even have her around awful people.