He is to take 150mg for 7days then his dose increases to 300mg daily. He was diagnosed with depression and is desperately trying to quit smoking as well. My main concerns are the possible side effects of increased aggression,agitation,etc. He is already an aggressive person who gets agitated VERY EASILY and has mood changes so fast, one wonders what happened? He tends to yell/scream frequently and always blames others for his mistakes etc. I'm worried that Wellbutrin XL will increase these behaviors? Has anyone experienced these side-effects,especially those with these daily behaviors? If so, at what dosage or at what point after starting Wellbutrin XL? I am really concerned about this,so if anyone can advise me or provide their experiences with mood and/or behavioral changes (negative ones), I would love to hear about it please. Any responses ASAP would be ever so greatly appreciated. Thank you.