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My husband is withdrawing frm heroin is there anything I can do at home to help him through this?

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Anonymous 9 Jul 2011

Hello, and welcome to the site. Please Google the Thomas Recipe Opiate Withdrawal, it lists over the counter meds and supplements that helped the various symptoms of withdrawal. It will also list some rx meds, like xanax, you may not have access to those and he may not need them anyway. Best of luck, you and he are in my prayers, pattishan61

jaypee 9 Jul 2011

oooo..i know how he be honest>first of all is he kicking?just watch him close to make sure he doesnt go into his blood preasure.if hes not kicking the only thing that bworks is more heroin.the drs can give saboxone or methadone.saboxone is the best to me.methadone is just another high and eventually youll have to taper off of saboxone is the best thing to fill normall and not high.then the dr might give clonipins for anxiety but thats depending on the dr.some dont like to give those pills while taking saboxone.i had xanaxs and it worked great.then i just used syraquil and xanaxs after a month of using saboxone... its the best drug for any opiate dependancy! good luck.

Anonymous 9 Jul 2011

Subs is a great med for opiate recovery, but the suboxone counseling works best with it. I know there are drs out there who write benzos with subs, but the purer your system and brain are, the faster it will heal with suboxone. I am so glad you brought it up tho, Jaypee, I have my treatment story of suboxone listed in my profile, click my avatar and you will see if. I also recommend to anyone thinking about suboxone, to go to and look up SuboxDoc, he has a great easy to understand 2 part video on how suboxone works in the brain, watch both parts twice, you won't regret it. He has many suboxone videos on there, he is great. And there is another young patient on there ( named Maple2609 who gives an excellent portrayal of how it worked for him. I have panic/anxiety disorder and the addiction therapy I did with suboxone helped me get and stay off opiates and benzos. Taught me what to worry about, and what not to worry about.

katmadrid52 10 Jul 2011

Thanks Pattishan61 by chance do you know if sub is covered by medi-cal or where I can get it ? we live in San Jacinto Ca and we don't know anyone here. Thanks for all your help

Anonymous 10 Jul 2011

I think it is, however I am in LA, as in lower Alabama, that is our little joke on the gulf coast. Used to be a guy here named mattj69 and I can almost swear he said it was. He was trying to get Medi-Cal for that reason, so it would be covered. I am not positive tho, but I do have a pretty good memory and I think he said it was.

katmadrid52 12 Jul 2011

I just found a doctor that prescribes sub and his office said to stay with the medical and it is covered that way, It is weird that in California a lot of doctors do not take medi-cal. Thanks Patti for all your help free discount card

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