it is in spine , brain, liver,lungs, spleen,both femurs,and bone marrow,adrenal gland,subcutaneous in abdomen, back, leg.Has had exactly 2 years. first tumor on head,calarks stage 4,sentinnel lymph node clean. Then tumors developed in neck,lymph nodes positive, 21 removed some negative, fully encapsulated,got 1 month radiation to left neck and head. 5 months later hip broke,metasticized to femur and marrow,pt/cts clean at that time,got 2 weeks femur radiation then 4 Yervoy treatments,BRAF negative, end of 2 1/2 months later speech and cognitive problems,large tumor and swelling in left brain, stereotactic radiation, new scans reveal in almost all parts of body, 3 weeks later scans show tumors all grew in spite of radiation and yervoy.Been on Temodar for almost 2 months, all blood # low, very weak, constant sleeping, getting new scan results tomorrow,terrified, any feedback will be appreciated, patient(husband)is only 55 years old. Loving wife and caregiver