my husband checked into a rehab facility yesterday for a prescription pill addiction.he has been taking vicodin since about june for pain and they kept him on them until our insurance would cover a surgery he needed to hopefully take away the pain issues.he had his surgery 2 weeeks ago but just could not control himself with the amount of pills he was taking.i would hide them until it was time for his medicine and then i would go get him a dose but that didnt work because he would wait til i was asleep and go take them all and then try to play it off as though it wasnt him.well we have 4 children between 10 and one so i know it was not them and after a few hours he would admit he took them and this situation would just repeat itself over and over was hard for him to see he really had a problem because he was in pain and they were after all prescribed by his doctor.he was finally willing to go to rehab though and i am so proud of him for doing so even though he just thinks that i think he is a loser and i can do so much better.and i try to tell him that no he is not and i dont want anyone else and that i just miss the man i married and i havent seen the real him in a long time.i wanted him to go to rehab and get better but i didnt really realize how lonely i would fell at home on top of it all.i know it is for the best and that he is exactly where he needs to be right now,i just kinda feel like no one knows how this feels i feel like i have not a soul to relate to,and this is only day one alone.i just was wondering if there was any other spouses out there with similar issues or have been thru the same thing???