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My husband is allergic to codeine. can he take norco or morphine?

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mpvt 28 Apr 2010

hard to say, I would try the hydrocodone first. if he's allergic to codeine then he has a good chance at being allergic to morphine, a smaller chance with hydrocodone... Dave

Buddy1971 28 Apr 2010

NO!!! If you read the inset that comes with your prescription it says DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE ALERGIC TO CODIENE. almost all strong painkillers are opiates and morphine & hydrocodone are both derivitives of codiene or vice versa. If he was prescribed something as strong as morphine & needs strong painkillers ask the doctor to write something synthetic. Don't quote me on this but I believe Duragesic(fentenal,I spelled that wrong,but not the brand name Duragesic,that's right) I think that's all synthetic,but check to be sure or ask your pharmacist for a synthetic that's as strong as Morphine. diluadid is a semi- synthetic, but it's a keytone of morphine so it still an opiate,but something along that line. Hope this helps,I know it will as far as if he would have taken the Vicodan or morphine & found out by having thier throat swell up.

musx 18 Dec 2017

I'm not sure about that.

I'm allergic to Codeine; however, I can take hydrocodone with no problems. free discount card

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