I been married to my husband for 3 years allready I been dealing with this situation since we got married. My husband like smokimg weed I honestly tjink his addicted but not that crazy addiction he does it for pleasure just because his bored or when ever he finds the chance to do it. Im 100% against it we had millions of fights because of it. Iv forgiven him..help him try to understand him. Iv tried everything I can to support him and help him not smoke. My mom is a pastor she has even helped him counseling him offerimg him her help so he could stop smoking. He would be good for like 5 momths and then go back a smoke.. And that little game over and over. But now im just fed up mad dissapointed hurt in everyway because im 39 weeks pregnant about to have my baby and he has the nerve to not care of my feelings and emotions and actually go smoke as if im not gonna cought him... I honestly dont know what to do now. He has smoke during my pregnancy not around me or anything iv try to sit down and talk. But the fact thay he smokes 1 week before having the baby is just to much for me. Now his the perfect husband is responsible works treats good and I believe he loves me and he would honestly be a wonderfull dad he just has that weakness and I dont know how to handle it anymore I do not wanna take my unborn baby father away but I dont want to be dealing with,this when the baby is here. Im staying right now in my moms house and now she got fed up with him and doesnt let him come to her house anymore so now im in between this and pregnant. Me and my husband have no insurance for him to go to therapy or something. What type of help can I get. Iv never talked to him of going to a therapy. Should that be my final chance to give him. Please I dont know,what to do I really need help. I need to figure this out before my baby is born in a week... Thank u