my husband is addicted to oxycodone. it was originally perscribed by his dr but over the course of 2 years on it, as it began to work less for him, he began buying extra on the street. i have confronted him repeatedly about this. he has repeatedly tried and failed and lied about stopping. he has excruciating back pain from a work related accident on top of injuries from the military. his job is EXTREMELY physical, and is the only income coming in to support our family. so my question is how do i get him to stop when he is prescribed this medicine, he is in pain, and he can't do his job in pain. (he can barely walk when not on painkillers) and with that being the only income can not take months off to go to rehab. also am i even in the right trying to get him to stop when i know he is in pain. thank you ahead of time.