he has been doing the drug for years as well as mixing with valum. had a horrible experience a year ago at a rehab facility and is scared to go to another one. he believes he can tapper down on his own and has asked me to hold on to his pills and only give according to a plan he worked out. I feel like i should just pack everything up and head home to my parents house (who are unaware of the problem). i told him i feel like doing this and he asked me to stay to help him. I am so torn and under so much stress. i feel lost and helpless. what can i do? what should i do?

If someone else came to me and asked me i know i would say Pack your shit up and go - but when it comes to actually doing that its so difficult. you dont know a problem until you face it. my life has suprised me in everyway possible - def grounded me a lot.