ive been with my husband for going on five years ,when i met him it was perfect at the time i was getting over a split from my oldest daughters dad who left me when i got pregnant. and well he showed up we hung out and one thing lead to another and we got together.now we have been together for about five years now and have 3 beutiful kids together.but he has this addiction thats driving us apart at first i didnt know what was going on because well i know nothing about drugs. but then i noticed him being this annoyoning person.i would wake up in the middle of the night to find him cleaning or singing and he just couldnt stay still he was jumpy all the time.he is covered in tattos so i couldnt tell if he was shooting up,but then i started finding things that well i wish i never had.i dont know what to do should i leave and watch my family fall apart or should i stick around and try to convince him to get the help that he needs.i truly love him i just cant stand him when he is high.