... of pain pills. He has extream mood swings from very hyper to extreamly angry. The anger leads to major fights with me along with major fights with strangers (road rage) neighbors. if someone looks at him the wrong way or says somethign that he didnt like, he flips out and rage and wants to go after them. this is consistent daily. He seemed to have slight anger issues before the pills but now on the methadone its ramped up 100 times. i cant always control him. and the fact that i try to take control when he gets like this flips him out even more. he also is a beer drinker at night, but the rage just does not come out then when he is drunk can be first thing in the morning when sober. I'm running out of options and am in need of help. he did say he will talk to someone outside of the clinc but getting him to make the apt is hard and not sure if he will keep it. is this normal for someone on methadone treatment to be so angry?