Ive been through the "Im going to quit", "Im in such pain" and so many other excuses. He gets 60 from a doctor and they are gone in 2 days! Then its searching through the streets to find high priced others. Im at my wits end, bills are pilling up like never before. Hes has withdrawn 4 or 5 times this year, never lasting more than 3 days though. Hes also a recovering alcoholic and he used to be addicted to cocaine. We have been together for over 16 years. Ive watched him kick the alcohol and cocaine. The pills are loosing their effects and he needs so many. If he has nothing its strait to bed, for days! I just cant do this anymore. When I met him he had so many DUIs he had lost his drivers license for 4 years. Then he quit several years later cause he hurt me while he was blacked out. He would drink so heavy. The cocaine started after that. Now the pain meds. I know he will never quit. He has been an addict of all this for over 30 years. Im really scared of where things are going