... hydrocodone. After the surgeries, he is taking hydrocodone, fentanyl patches, soma and xanax. The patches are prescribed by his neurologist. The other he gets from a "pill mill" doctor. I have also found morphine and valium not prescribed to him. He usually has one bottle with a cocktail of pills in it.

We have two kids and have been married almost 4 years. He falls asleep or passes out while eating his dinner. He sleeps excessively on the weekends. He slurs and he often has trouble communicating. He keeps his pills in his truck and goes outside most of the time to take them. This is not normal behavior and I know he is addicted. HERE IS MY PROBLEM.

He puts himself and others in danger on a daily basis because of the pill usage. He says he MUST have all of these to get relief for his back pain. I don't doubt he has pain but I also think it has given him a perfect excuse to abuse the pills. And of course, I am the misunderstanding, mean wife if I ask him to cut back or stop because "I will never understand his pain".

So, do I continue to allow the behavior thats comes with the over medicating and the danger he puts our family in and stay because he is in pain? Or do I pack it up and leave because I can't live this way anymore? I am terrified to let the kids ride in the car with him because he nods off so much. And other family members are noticing the behavior too. But he refuses to cut back, go to an addiction specialist with me or to get any kind of help. He insists on taking them no matter what I say