This 3rd one is totally unrelated to the first 2. (No hardware failure) This time, he had a donor bank bone ( lower leg fibia, sp?) that was hollowed out and filled with a "powdered bone" substance. Simular to the "Harms Cage" only not a wire mesh. The first part of the surgery was done by a neurologist. He was the guy who went through the nerves, pulled the laranyx to the side etc. in order to expose the spine. Then the other surgeon did the graft and enlarged the screw size from smaller ones that were already there. Hardware now extends from C-2 through C-6 or 7. He's complaining of "no feeling" on the one side of his upper and mid throat when he moves his tongue to that side. Is this numb feeling normal? And if it is, about how long could he expect before he gets some of this feeling back? The rest of the surgical area is very painful. He's freaking out a little bit about the nerves. Has anyone had a similar procedure and nerve issues afterwards?