For the last few weeks he has been complaining about his mouth and tongue feeling like it is numb and swollen. He likens it to when you go to the dentist and have novacaine and as it wears off it tingles in the cheeks and makes you feellike your whole mouth is irritated and your tongue is swollen. He has been to his heart doctor and told her this and to the pharmacist but no one seems to know what is causing it. He can't taste anything and it is really beginning to scare him. It is not causing him to have a hard time breathing or anything, it is just very irritating to him and we were wondering if anyone else ever had this kind of thing happen to them after by-pass surgery or after being on this drug. I know he can't just stop taking it and maybe it isn't even that drug that's causing this. He isn't on anything else that is any different than what he was taking before the surgery. Thank you.