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My herinated disk has flared up on me. Can't hardly walk releif for leg pain from thigh to ankle?

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Inactive 16 Nov 2011

Hi Williebu, & welcome to the site. I'm not guite sure of what you are asking? Did you want info on pain meds, or antinfalmmatories etc... or are you asking what to do. I would suggest that you seek out your doctors opinion as maybe you have done more injury to the disk where you will need surgical intervention. good luck to you...

lheck7 16 Nov 2011

So do agree with Mary, you really need to see a Dr. you may have an injury that might need surgery or a multiple of other things. Meds aren't the only answer to this question, and probably would be the last.

DzooBaby 16 Nov 2011

Mary is right. You should go see the Dr just to make sure there has been no further injury at the site. If there is no further injury then the Dr can prescribe some pain medication and perhaps a muscle relaxant to get you through this flare.

pup6767 16 Nov 2011

Hi Williebu. For temporary relief place an ice pack on the affected area of your spine where the herniation is to reduce swelling around the nerve root. I would recommend 800 mg Ibuprofen to also reduce inflammation and call your doc for appt. I hope u feel better soon. Pup free discount card

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