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My grandson was put on tenex he has autism he is only 4 yr old is this to young for this med.?

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9 Mar 2010

Hi, it is scary when any child is put on such as drug as Tenex, which is used for control of hypertension. However, in psychiatry, it is used to decrease impulse dyscontrol, reduce hyperactivity, and overall agitation. The key is that his prescribing provider does a base line Electrocardiogram to monitor and obtain his baseline heart function, while the medication is new or has not been started yet. Then, in several weeks, repeat the same test, and compare the baseline test with the most recent test to assess how his heart is tolerating the intervention of the Tenex. Overall, I prefer Tenex to another drug in the same category, Clonidine, as it can and has a higher incidence of causing more complications, especially with the youngster's blood pressure and is much more dangerous if abruptly discontinued. Now, Tenex can do this too, but much less likely, so considered to have a safer side effect profile.

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upsetgrndmother 9 Mar 2010

Hi clm,
Thank you for your help. I worry about my grandson because he dose not seem to be hyper he was doing well (but his mother tells the doc. that he is hyper ) I don't agree with her even his dad doesn't think he his hyper but she just does not want to work with him. The poor little sweetheart seems to be hyper in the morning and then falls to sleep for 2 hours by lunch time, before she put him on Tenex he didn't even take a nap it just really makes me mad & sad at the same time I just pray that things get better, thanks for your help. upset grandmother

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