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My grandmother is on Zyprexa for depression. Is this the right treatment for her?

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itsmetoo2 15 Nov 2009

"Feb. 20, 2004 -- Drug manufacturer Eli Lilly and Co. is warning doctors that its drug Zyprexa may increase the risk of death and stroke when used by elderly patients with dementia. "

"Zyprexa is currently approved by the FDA for use in treating schizophrenia and some forms of bipolar disorder. It has not been approved for treating dementia-related mental problems among the elderly. "

Good thing you are watching over your grandma !

kirston86 15 Nov 2009

Thank you for your comments. They are most appreciated.

silmarien 15 Nov 2009

Does your grandmother have depression with psychotic features? If not, then no, Zyprexa is not appropriate for her because it is an anti-psychotic medication. If she has dementia, there are drugs like Namenda or Aricept for that.

kirston86 15 Nov 2009

No, she's just severly depressed. The doctor has her taking a cocktail of drugs. 5mg of Zyprexa, 200mg of Lamotrigine, and 100 mg of Pristiq. I think that might be throwing medication at her. This is the first time I have seen her in 1 month since she has started this cocktail and now she is a complete zombie. I need help with becoming more educated for her and myself on these drugs. Your comments and advice would be most appreciated.

silmarien 15 Nov 2009

I think you are right in your suspicions that your grandmother isn't getting the proper care from her doctor. Does she see a psychiatrist?

That cocktail you mentioned seems like overkill to me, and I've been there (as in severely depressed. Also took Lamitogrine, it made me feel like a zombie robot). Have you talked to your grandmother about this? You have good reason to be concerned... she might not even realize how she is appearing to others, or the medication is affecting her cognition (Lamitogrine made me an idiot, and destroyed my short term memory, it's possible she is having these side-effects too, but everyone is different, of course).

kirston86 15 Nov 2009

Yes, she does see a psychiotrist and does also realize something is wrong. She is my fathers mother and depression runs in the family. I have been affected as well by depression and have been on lexapro for 6 years and it works well for me. But, she is much worse of then I am and all these medications scare me. We live in Los Angeles, do you have know of any good doctors in the area? free discount card

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