... already high risk do to certain medical conditions and I feel that she is greatly increasing the chance of something going wrong by not stopping. I have time and time again asked her to stop and thought she did until I found out she was instead just sneaking around behind my back doing it and lying to me. The two main pills she's taking (not prescribed) that I think could harm either her or our child are : 30mg adderalls & 15 mg Oxycontin .. She only took the Oxycontin once but still it's the principle. She also smokes a lot of cigarettes & frequently smokes Marijuana. I don't know what to do anymore bc I know that she doesn't need either of the pills & they are of greater risk to my child's life than they are a benefit to her. At this point she's jeopardizing not only our child's health but our relationship & her relationship with our child. Please help me