First off, I do not do drugs and can't say I know alot about them. . . When I met him he had been taking Oxys for atleast two years. I'd say about 6-8 30 MG's a day. He said he was in a bad car accident and was prescribed them and eventually started taking more and more. A month after of being together I helped him ween down, took off work for 3 weeks and stayed with him to get him off of these things.He had pills hidden everywhere ( in his t shirts, cabinets, pants, in papers ) He got off them finally... I know this because I was drug testing him... About 2 weeks after being clean he fell down some stairs and sprained his ankle and started taking percocets ( atleast thats what he told me ).Now, He tells me hes sober, not taking anything, makes promises to me, breaks them of course and I don't know what to do. Hell tell me he took something but will never do it again and this happens over and over and over... Blames it on his stress. Im 21, never been engaged before... Don't know how I should react towards him. I get realllly angry with him but I don't know any other way to be. My mom has been a drug addict since I was in diapers, I took care of her and don't know if i wan't this in my life again. Im so confused and depressed all the time, this just consumes me constantly now. DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO :-(