So basically I guess i will write out the whole story see if anyone can give me some guidance or support.
First of all let me say that i am still a minor (barely). So my dad was addicted to pain killers/ alcohol about 2.5 years ago. after a really hard time and with the help of I believe suboxon he was able to stop and control himself. How ever around 4 months ago it came out that he is now addicted to coke. The majority of summer was miserable this year due to dealing with this problem. When we went on a family vacation with distant relatives he supposedly went to a one week stint in rehab. Though i know that wound up not happening. Eventually when we got back he moved back in. And for a month life was okay, we had thought we were finally done with this. Until we once again found out he was hooked. That took place about a month ago. Since then he was forced into resignation at his job. We do have some money saved up but not much more. He was supposed to have attended a couple interveiws on friday, however today i found out he missed at least one of them. On top of that he has been sleeping alot that past 4 days (not getting out of bed to do anything but use bathroom say hi for a couple minutes and eat) typical sign of him in withdrawal. And today when fixing his bed that broke, i found a straw that he uses to snort coke. Me and my mom have contemplated leaving him. But we are unable to due to lack of funds. My mother is a full time mother for my baby brother who is only in preschool for a couple hours a day I have tight school hours so we are both unable to get a job.
If you could offer any advice, guidance, or words of help/ encouragement at all, please respond.