My father was admitted 1 week ago to a senior care center after being in baptist hospital in southaven, ms. for 1 week . he has severe chf cad and was told in jan, 10 he had mitral valve reguir. mod to severe in july his pcp dx him with dm 11 he was in bed wouldn;t eat wouldn't do adl's just give up . the md at baptist said he had sundowner's and dementia. he didn't sleep said he smothered when he laid down went from bed to chair to couch had mental status change very confused wasn't able to walk w/o assist but now he has slept 8 hours since being in senior care but now they think it could be the betapace 80 bid he is taking they stopped betapace and the seroquel 50 and kept him on ativan 1 mg tonight my sisters are praying this is what it is we are all give out any suggestions. sleepless in charleston,mississippi.